Richard Greelis Richard Greelis Bloomington City Hand Cuffs

True stories of life, death, and the cops who manage the space between.

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Whether encouraging his cowering K-9 to reengage during a crime in progress or interviewing an unrepentant shoe molester, veteran cop Richard Greelis gives the reader a personal view of law enforcement that is sometimes hilarious and at other times painfully tragic.


Copbook takes the reader on this fascinating ride-along for a taste of the human experience police are called to mitigate. Greelis draws on his career as a street cop, a SWAT team operator, a detective in both the Violent Crimes and Sex Crimes Units, a member of the FBI's Terrorism Task Force, a narcotics investigator, and an undercover intel investigator for the 2008 Republican National Convention. Greelis reveals the true heart of a cop, beating wildly at times, but always insulated within layers of blue.


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